Automotive Module Programming


We can do this for you

  • Prgramming and reflashing of most makes and models.
  • Capable of working with most vehicle PCM, ECM, TCM, BCM, FICM, TIPM, and many more!.
  • Key programming (dealer ship keys programmed on site, remotes programmed).
  • Software Updates.
  • Fix Drivability issues.

Avantages of using our mobile vehicle
programming service

  • We come to you with on site service.
  • Skilled technicians with factory training.
  • Part of the largest network of programming technicians and companies.
  • Reduce down time with same day appointments.
  • No need to tie up a bay or tech we can work at the vehícle.
  • Discounted rates with a transmission purchase. from go powertrain.
  • We have the latest equipment and software. 
  • No investment and a new profitable service to offer. 
  • We offer services for updating and setting up any programmable module on demestic vehicles and most asian makes. 

Electrical Diagnostic Services

We have an outstanding team of experts that will be able to run a computer diagnostic test on your vehicle. A diagnostic involves checking each component of your vehicle to ensure that everything is flowing as smoothly as possible. We’re based in the heart of beautiful Chicago. We provide diagnostic service repair from the yellow engine light all the way to the braking system, and we run the most efficient diagnostics services in Miami – Dade | Broward.

It’s critical to find problems early on to prevent anything from happening while you’re on the road. We run the most comprehensive tests, so you get the maximum amount of performance out of your vehicle. No other auto repair company out there gives you the elite level of customer care as Mobile Auto Solutions.


The alternator is in charge of generating power for the operation of electronic accessories such as air conditioning, windshields, headlights, the player and the dashboard, and more importantly the alternator is responsible for charging the battery after each start so that it is available for the next

Each of the elements of the alternator should be checked separately, but the first step is to clean each of these to remove any accumulated dirt, then make sure they are in perfect condition.

The life and proper functioning of the alternator and each of its elements is related to the use and mileage. Contact us with confidence to perform preventive maintenance to your alternator and diagnosis to the entire electrical system of your vehicle.


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